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Startup Chaupal

Startup Chaupal is a virtual incubator and fundraising platform for startups at the seed stage. As part of the incubation program, we provide proper hand holding to startups as well as assistance in raising funds. Besides having a good network of angel investors, mentors and subject matter experts from India, we also have a network that includes those from the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and the Middle East. We focus majorly on Tier II and Tier III cities in India. In addition to assisting startups with seed funding and hand-holding, Startup Chaupal also provides startup support services such as team building, MVP creation, intellectual property rights, and valuations among many others.

Our target audience are entrepreneurs/ startup founders over the age of 18 with a startup or small business in India, Global and Asia Pacific. In seeking ideas that will eventually succeed in the market, we are sector agnostic. Team Startup Chaupal scrutinizes applicants for the three month incubation program (every quarter) primarily to find promising founding teams with strong execution abilities. Applications are screened and a handful of startups (cohort of 5-10) from all over the country are selected for the Incubation Program. Once selected, we work closely with startup entrepreneurs who are then mentored by some of the industry's leading experts in streamlining their business models.

We have currently worked with 100+ startups across domains. On conducting Pre- Investment scrutiny and due diligence, 15+ startups from our incubation program have raised their seed funding and are now ready to raise further fundings to accelerate their business. Further fresh batches of 20+ startups are pitching to prominent VC, Accelerators and Angel Investors from across interest.

In short if you are a startup founder with a unique startup Idea and having executed the prototype. We at Startups Chaupal help Ideate, Execute and Scale your startup.

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