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School Mentor Teacher

School Startup program has been initiated with the aim to imbibe entrepreneurial mindset in the school students of Rajasthan and provide them a solid foundation in their journey as a future entrepreneur.
As a part of the School Startup program, “Mentor Teachers” are the experienced teachers in their own fields and has been nominated by School Department, GOR from each 33 districts of Rajasthan from select Govt. Schools/ Colleges.
Mentor Teachers are the extended arms of the iStart Team working towards promotion of entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students in the State.

Training program

Teachers being an integral part towards bringing a culture of Innovation in Schools. It is indeed essential that teachers should be aware of innovative teaching methodologies, hence a series of training programs have been planned for Mentor teachers.

School Mentor Teacher
Who can enrol as mentor teacher?
  • Two (02) Nominated teachers from select Govt. Schools by School Department, Govt. of Rajasthan from each 33 districts of Rajasthan
  • Two (02) Nominated teachers from select college by Educational Department, Govt. of Rajasthan from each 33 districts

Teacher Registration

The inducted Mentor Teacher is also responsible for training additional teachers in their district to develop entrepreneurial spirit among students and encourage them to build on their budding ideas. The associated teachers may get themselves registered on this portal

Role of Mentor Teachers
  • Mentor teachers will share their expertise & help shape a future generation of entrepreneurs with right skills and attitudes.

  • They will guide interested student entrepreneurs about core concepts of business creation including ideation, prototyping, business planning, design thinking, marketing, financial projections, business model canvas company incorporation etc.

  • The inducted Teacher Mentors will be responsible for running the Incubation Cell which will develop as a community for innovative student-preneurs and assist them to build innovative ideas.