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iStart and Wadhwani Foundation

Virtual Acceleration Program

Empowering Prototype/MVP Stage Entrepreneurs from the state of Rajasthan, with knowledge and skills to create high-potential Start-ups, through a structured, 14 weeks, NEN Ignite Program.

Application closes May 18, 2022
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Entrepreneur Journey in Ignite Program

Objective : To support start-ups from a minimum viable concept stage to an investible pitch deck through a structured pathway by creating a compelling Value Prop. sustainable Business Model, Financial Stability, Validated MVP.

Resources - top-notch curated material, case-study based facilitated sessions, access to experts and mentors, masterclasses and expert webinars.

  • Access Platform

  • MVP Stage Startups 1

    Selection of Startups 2

    Startup on boarding 3



  • Pitch Labs
    Pitch 1

    Milestone 1



    sharpen your problem pitch

    customer and markets

    Sustainble differentiation stratyegy

  • Pitch Labs
    Pitch 2

    Milestone 2


    MVP Product

    Business Model and Testing Riskiest assumptions

    Competitive Advantage

  • Pitch Labs
    Pitch 3

    Milestone 3


    Business Plan

    Customer Acquisition

    Growth Channels

    Funding Plan

  • Pitch Labs
    Pitch 4

    Milestone 4



    Managing growth and
    targeting Scale


  • Access to 360 Degrees content on platform & APP:

    Case studies, expert videos, templates & frameworks

    Continued usage of the platform by startups

    Masterclass sessions/AMA Sessions

    Mentor, incubator and investor access



    Impact Team Lead

    Global Jury Certification

3 Sessions a Week

Case study

Weekly concept based discussions


Entrepreneurs and Experts

Learning Labs

Application of concepts

Program Objective :

  • ⦁ To work with and support Prototype/MVP Stage Start-ups of Rajasthan, channelized through iStart Rajasthan.
  • ⦁ All the selected Entrepreneurs will be taken through NEN IGNITE: a 14 weeks, structured experiential program, offered and facilitated by NEN Wadhwani Foundation in collaboration with iStart Rajasthan.
  • ⦁ An outcome based program - NEN IGNITE: MVP to Launch Ready – enabling Prototype Stage Entrepreneurs to take their validated ideas to early traction and investible ready pitch stage.
  • ⦁ Startups would be supported by curated structured content, frameworks, Expert Masterclasses, Mentors and network support, followed by an offline Demo Day.

Program Goal :

  • ⦁ Assess and analyse the current business model;
  • ⦁ Articulate a compelling Value Proposition ;
  • ⦁ Identify risky assumptions, gaps, and obstacles; iterate to a sustainable business model;
  • ⦁ Test, refine and validate your MVP in an efficient manner;
  • ⦁ Select the appropriate Go-to-Market Strategy;
  • ⦁ Manage Growth and Target Scale;
  • ⦁ Create Funding Plan and get ready to Pitch your Startup to Investors/Funding agencies;

Program Outcome :

  • ⦁ Acquire in-depth knowledge about the different growth tools to grow your business, using modern-day technology.
  • ⦁ Identify different aspects that can impact Your business.
  • ⦁ Create financial plans, sales plan, funding plan and GTM strategies for Your business.
  • ⦁ Devise a Growth Plan, structure the Scaling and Customer acquisition Strategy
  • ⦁ Create a pitch deck for your business and present it to different stakeholders including Investors.

Program Timeline

  1. MAY 07'22

    Call for Application

    May 07 - May 18, 2022

  2. May 19'22

    MAY 19-22, 2022

  3. MAY 23'22

    1:1 Pitches

    May 23-25, 2022

  4. MAY 28'22

    Orientation & Platform on-boarding
  5. MAY 30'22

    program start
  6. AUG 20'22

    program End
  7. Aug

    Investor demo day & Bootcamp

    (A 2 Day Offline Event)