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Techno Fund

Techno Fund has been introduced to give an open sky to the potential startups of the state. The fund would be utilized for the growth and over-all development of the startups and will thus levitate the startup community of Rajasthan to the highest pinnacle in the country.

To ensure the robust growth in the investment infrastructure/substructure and encouraging the startup ecosystem, the Techno Fund has been introduced.

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Prospective Start-ups
Prospective Startups
Women Startups
Women Startups
Green Startups
Green Startups

Proposed Allocation of Funds

Potential & Emerging Startups
Potential & Emerging Startups
Women Startups
Women Startups
Green Startups
Green Startups

Funding as Loan

  • A. Loans will be provided as per QRate ranking for a maximum period of three years
  • B. No Lock-in period for start-ups to return the partial / complete loan amount
  • C. 5% interest rate on reducing balance
  • D. No securitization
  • E. Repayment of loan with interest after six months of the date of disbursement
  • F. Loan repayment in six monthly instalments
  • G. lnstalment paid before the due date will be taken entirely to principal
  • H. The loan will be given on properly executed bonds, in the prescribed format

Funding as Equity

  • A. "Equity" shall be provided for a maximum period of 7 years
  • B. Minimum Lock-in period will be 3 years
  • C. Buy-back option shall be available to the start-ups from Day 1