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Techno Fund Apply Now

Techno Fund of Rs. 500 Crores has been introduced to give an open sky to the potential startups of the state. The fund would be utilized for the growth and over-all development of the startups and will thus levitate the startup community of Rajasthan to the highest pinnacle in the country.

To ensure the robust growth in the investment infrastructure/substructure and encouraging the startup ecosystem, the Techno Fund has been introduced.



Prospective Start-ups


Women Start-ups


Green Start-ups

Proposed Allocation of Funds

Rs. 500 Crore for Potential &
Emerging Start-ups

Rs. 100 Crore for Women Start-ups
(from the total fund)

Rs. 50 crore for Green Start-ups
(from the total fund)  

Gain Insights on Funding

  • A. Loans will be provided as per Q-Rate ranking for a maximum period of three years
  • B. No Lock-in period for start-ups to return the partial / complete loan amount
  • C. 5% interest rate on reducing balance
  • D. No securitization
  • E. Repayment of loan with interest after six months of the date of disbursement
  • F.  Loan repayment in six monthly instalments
  • G. lnstalment paid before the due date will be taken entirely to principal
  • H.  The loan will be given on properly executed bonds, in the prescribed format
  • A. "Equity" shall be provided for a maximum period of 7 years
  • B. Minimum Lock-in period will be 3 years
  • c. Buy-back option shall be available to the start-ups from Day 1
Seed Funding: Upto 2 Lacs as Loan

Salient Features

  • Sanction of upto 100% of funding with a capital of Rs. 25 Lacs

  • For registered Startup in Rajasthan

  • Separate funds for women and green startups

  • Funds shall be provided by the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan