Startup Scorecard, Skill Building and Assistance Program

3 key components to help startups increase their chances of success, and of getting funded.

  1. (1)

    A detailed scorecard and assessment report for startups.

  2. (2)

    One month boot-camp for select startups to help refine their product, strategy, business plans and investor pitch deck.

  3. (3)

    Investor Connect: Showcase of curated startups to investors, accelerators and incubators.

Scorecard for Startups

There are now more ways than ever for startups to find and connect with investors, through in-person events and online deal-closure platforms, but this also means that investors are seeing more companies than ever before - it is important for entrepreneurs to catch their attention as they may only have one chance to make a good first impression.Many startups start reaching out to investors before they know how to make a sound and compelling investment case for their business - and how to articulate that. Often even strong entrepreneurs with good ideas never get a foot in the door, or catch an investor's attention because they have not been able to present a compelling case to investors.

Our Startup Scorecard provides entrepreneurs a detailed assessment report on their startup’s potential and investment worthiness.

Much like a health check-up report from a diagnostic lab helps you identity problem areas and take corrective action to improve your health, the scorecard and assessment report provides startup founders actionable insights to help them strengthen their business plans, and improve their chances of getting funded.

Click here to submit your current pitch deck for review

A suggested template for the pitch is on this link

(You don’t have to follow the template, but cover as many points as you can from this template.)

One-Month Bootcamp

Since most startup pitch decks and their investment needs plans are not fully ready for funding, we will work with shortlisted startups to help founders think through their business strategy, go-to-market plans, business case and funding needs, and help them in strengthening their plans and investor pitch deck.

  • A two-day workshop to get a sharper understanding of different aspects of building a business.

  • Based on the assessment report, a detailed action plan will be worked out for each startup on what they need to get improve their chances of success, and guidance on how they can achieve it.

  • A month-long engagement with experienced mentors and startup experts to help startups refine their business plans and investor pitch decks (may be extended on a case-to-case basis)

  • Weekly review with our team to assess progress on the milestones set, and the assessment report indicators.

  • Assistance in rehearsing their investor pitch presentation

  • Reviewing your concept / product / service
  • Product and service design
  • Estimating market potential and size
  • Revenue streams, pricing and business models
  • Cost structures and business case
  • Operations planning
  • Establishing product-market fit
  • Prioritizing market, with a well-defined expansion plan
  • Customer experience management
  • Marketing planning, including brand personality
  • Sales planning and sales program design
  • HR strategy for finding, hiring and retaining talent

Investor Connect

Showcase of curated startups to investors, accelerators and incubators

  • Showcase

    Every month we will release a e-mailer and online listing of startups that score above 85% in the scorecard.

  • Demo Day

    Every quarter we will have an online Demo Day where top startups of that quarter will be showcased to qualified investors, accelerators and incubators.Post the Demo Day, investors will be connected to the startups they are interested in.  

  • Road Show

    Once every quarter we will select high-potential startups to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore where they will present to an invited audience of investors and potential customers.