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emerge amongst the 9 “Startup Hubs” in Rajasthan by 2022 through strategic partnerships, conducive ecosystem, investment and policy interventions.


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The Government will provide internship opportunities to Startups registered under i-Start by collaborating with companies in various sectors. Under the program, the Startup members will be able to experience real-time problems in the sector. The Government will also provide stipend upto INR 20,000 per Startup member subject to INR 1 Lakh per Startup during the internship.
As part of iStart Spotlight, capacity-building activities will be undertaken across districts of the State wherein training will be provided on domains such as operations, human resources, marketing, promotion.
Additional boosters will be provided on top of funding incentives to give further impetus to employment generation, performance enhancement, product-based startups, startups in thrust sectors as well as for startups founded by women, transgender, specially abled and founders belonging to SC-STs & rural areas.
Startups which have more than 50% equity with women founders will be provided an additional INR 60,000.
The State shall provide financial support to Growth Stage startups through Scale up Fund .The Fund will be provided as debt convertible to grant.
Startups that are able to upgrade their Q-Rate score within the maximum defined period in Table 1 shall be eligible for additional Viability Grant as per the respective slab. The time period mentioned will be calculated from date of upgrade of last attained Q-Rate score to new Q-Rate score. For e.g. A startup with Q-Rate score of 10 receives INR 10 Lakhs Viability Grant and it upgrades the Q-Rate score to 30 within 3 months, then the Startup shall be eligible to receive additional 10 Lakhs basis the new slab.
The booster will be applicable on any one of the incentives either Viability grant or Scale up Fund. The booster can be applied multiple times on retrospective based on the Q-Rate category movement
Product based startups is eligible to receive a 10% booster on the Viability grant (as part of the Seed Stage) and Scale up Fund (as part of Growth Stage)
Rajiv Gandhi Innovation Challenge will also run actively throughout the year, where Startups can apply.
The government will organize “Rural Startup of the year” competition at district level yearly only for people belonging to rural areas to promote new ideas and increase awareness. The winner will receive a cash reward to develop the idea into business model and will be given free access to training centers.
Seed Stage: 10 employees
Growth Stage: 15 employees

Startup Policy 2022

The Startup Policy 2022 was launched by
Honourable Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot on 13th Nov 2022

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